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i) Beyond the Classroom Initiatives:

Knowledge gained beyond the textbooks acts as a stimulus to increase the student’s awareness globally as well as moulds a student into an all-round individual. Mindcogs offer solutions wherein, students are shown the doors to the world of Quizzing.

Quizzing motivates the students to achieve greater heights in the real world. Mindcogs inspire students to gain more knowledge and develop a sporting spirit to win multitude of quizzes.  we bring such expertise to cultivate a student to become not only a great quizzer but also a knowledgeable person.

Our Knowledge sessions currently span out to a tally of 2000+ students in Bangalore alone. We are currently associated with the top Schools in India. These are part of the curriculum in these partner schools.

We at Mindcogs are looking to expand across the country, wherein we can bring in a change in the current education system.

ii) Conducting and Conceptualization of Quizzes:

Mindcogs creates and executes huge Quiz properties for Schools, Colleges and Educational Companies for Knowledge and Brand Placement.

Quizzes act as a perfect platform to connect with the target audience for Knowledge Initiatives. Widely popular with the School and College Quizzers across the country for the content we provide and the fairness and professionalism involved in our Quizzes, Mindcogs creates Quizzes which become hugely popular and with a innovative format and structure.

Besides educational institutions, Mindcogs  is also involved with Corporates in the education field and those that are looking to build their CSR Initiatives.

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A Quiz can act as an engaging platform at various corporate events.

We at Mindcogs conduct Employee Engagement Quizzes, which provides a platform for the Human Resources Department to connect with the employees, and also helps to enhance the knowledge of the employees about a particular field, by bringing in team spirit and healthy competition among them.

Mindcogs connects with Corporate Institutions in the form of Brand Placement Quizzes, wherein they can connect with their target audience, which can be Schools or Colleges or Corporate employees, via Quizzes.

We partner with Book Publishers and  education companies to cater to Knowledge Initiatives. We build Quizzes which can last long as a wonderful property.

Mindcogs also conducts Inter Corporate Quizzes at Colleges and at Companies, to bring a sense of Competition and Engagement.

Contact us at quiz@vinaymudaliar.in for more insights!

Our Quizzes have the ability to engross large audience. We deliver fun and entertaining quizzes for Trivia Nights , Family Quizzes at Clubs or Fun events at various gatherings to bring a zappy quotient to the event.

We have partnered with various elite associations and clubs in the country to conduct Quizzes for various events.

Mindcogs caters to any sort of Content development for numerous projects spread over diverse topics. For any requirement on content development, not just for quizzes, but in any genre, you may contact us for further details.

‘India’s future, is a Knowledge based economy.’

Quizzing has evolved from a mere test of questions, to thinking and gaining knowledge beyond boundaries. Quizzes act as a platform to improve one’s ability to think, research and gain knowledge through an engaging and robust avenue. This platform of quizzing is now considered a sport, a Mind Sport!

The main focus area of Mindcogs is, using Quizzing and various tools, to impart knowledge and bring in quizzing as a form of an alternative education tool in Schools.

Through our quiz company we build knowledge properties for Schools, Corporate Institutions, wherein they connect to their target audience via a Knowledge platform.

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